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Managed Service Provider (MSP) - A subscription based service

As a Managed Service Provider, we remotely monitor, support, and manage your Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. We do this through proactive monitoring, patching and preventative maintenance processes ensuring your workstations, servers, printers and other assets are available to you when you need them. Additionally, we will keep you informed of what we see and have in-depth discussions with you so that you are able to plan accordingly, for future acquisitions, upgrades and whatnot as they become necessary; versus being hit with such expenses all at once.

What does having a Managed Service Provider offer you?

  • Actively monitor computer systems health, to help prevent downtime.
  • Network Design and Implementation. This includes PC installation and configurations.
  • Operating system/application support. Perform application software maintenance and updates as per software manufacturers’ best practices
  • Configure secure remote access to the network for authorized users.
  • Review server and computer event logs for potential problems. Address and correct any issues to prevent system or network failure.
  • Verify that servers are protected from the latest virus threats. Download and install antivirus software updates, renew licenses, ensure that the software is operational, and remove threats.
  • Download and install the latest Microsoft security patches to protect systems from known vulnerabilities.
  • Determine which critical updates are needed for the overall health of the network, distribute and monitor the installation of all patches and updates.
  • Download and install updates for Microsoft as well as many third party programs such as Java, Adobe, Web browsers, etc.
  • Set up automatic daily data backups and verify they are functioning as scheduled. These include both onsite and offsite.
  • Monitor server and network services. Ensure systems have access to shared resources.
  • Manage user access to the network in active directory. Create security groups to manage file permissions and folder access.
  • Document site network design and application configurations.
  • Manage and store software, license keys, and other IT related data.
  • Follow up and meet with the technical liaison for your organization.
  • Network and data cabling design consultation.
  • System Health Monitoring and remote repair.
  • Ensure that all server services are running properly, troubleshoot any malfunctioning services
  • Performance monitoring - memory, CPU, disk space, fragmentation
  • Keep Service Pack and Hotfixes current as per company policy.
  • Set up and maintain groups (accounting, admin, sales, etc.)
  • Patch Assessment
  • Ensure that all Backup services are running properly.
  • Confirm that backup has been performed on a daily basis.
  • Keep Service Pack and Hotfixes current as per company policy.
  • Note hard disk space used/remaining.
About Us - Cofex Computing

We are your local Information Technology Professionals focused on providing remote managed services in direct support of your Information Technology needs. We have more than 20 years of experience working in our local community combating viruses, spyware, hardware failures, accidental incidents and the occasional animal intervention.

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Server Monitoring & Management
Asset Inventory
  • -Automated Inventory Management
  • -performance & Capacity planning
Integrated Support Services
  • -Notification of Business Critical Alerts
  • -Remote/on-site support
Integrated Support Services
  • -Notification of Business Critical Alerts
  • -Remote/on-site support
  • -Monitor Performance
  • -Device polling & Daily Systems Check
  • -Device reboot & recovery
Patch Management & Updates
  • -Schedule patching & updates
  • -Automatic security patch deployment
  • -Patch assessments and reporting
  • -Integrated anti-virus w/Eset
  • -Virus scans w/advanced reporting
  • -virus updates & confirmation
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
File & Database Backup
  • -Virtualize server on-line in a fraction of the time
  • -Files and folders easily recovered
Offsite/Cloud Storage
  • -Replication to Secure Cloud
  • -Full image backup
  • -Transactional replication available
  • -Frequently sync data off-site
  • -Files and folders are easily recovered
Security Services
  • -256AES Data Encryption
  • -Monitor security profiles for threats
Desktop Device Management
Alert Monitoring
  • -Disk health & space used
Patch Management & Updates
  • -Scan for missing patches and configuration
  • -Schedule patching & updates
  • -Patch assessments and reporting
Asset Inventory
  • -Software license compliance
  • -Prohibited software
Secure Remote Access
  • -Remote user access
Integrated Support Services
  • -Notification of Business Critical Alerts
  • -Remote/on-site support
Network Consultation

Network Design

If your computer network is suffering from growing pains and just cannot keep up with increased traffic like it did when first installed, talk with us about your current situation. We offer many different solutions in all network environments. Let us help you with your network needs.

Network Security

How safe is your business behind that $40.00 firewall you have installed? Many of our new business clients had never been told what a firewall does for them. Most saw their firewalls as a device only to share their internet. In reality, it does much more with it main purpose being to provide security for the network. We are partners with Fortinet which provide Enterprise security through Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW).


Your computing assets are the beating heart of your organization. It’s vital that it work or you won’t. That’s why we sell Lenovo Think-brand computer systems. They are backed by an Outstanding warranty.

We use Eset Antivirus, exclusively! Let us explain why and we’ll bring you into the fold where you can operate safe and securely.

There is a lot going on in your network, and because there is so much going on, we use Fortinet routers, a completely scalable and secure network interconnection.